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Christin is a mother of two and started out as a CNA at Midland College. She earned her Associates in Applied Science in 2007. Christin had many of the same anxieties, stresses, and fears when going through her first pregnancy that many of 4D Moment’s clients have faced. Doctors told her she would likely have a miscarriage due to complications. Her heart was broken and she couldn’t get in for an ultrasound for two weeks. The inability to verify the concerns, good news or bad, was excruciating. Once she was able to finally get in for an ultrasound; was revealed that her child was alive and doing very well. This series of events is what inspired her to become a Sonographer, a career in which she finds great joy and fulfillment.Here at 4D Moments we strive to calm any anxiety, fear, or stress that you may experience during your pregnancy. The comfort of checking in on your little one at anytime, is something only a Sonographer can offer. Our prayer is that connection of families with their new addition, will bring happiness and deepen that profound bond of parenthood, before arrival.


I am the man behind the scenes! Office manager for 4D Moments.I’m a Dad of two daughters, and have a couple grandkids.I graduated from Permian HS 1991 where I played football and baseball. I played 2 years of college baseball at Tarleton State University where I studied Business Administration, I transferred to WTAMU and switched majors to Sports and Exercise Science and received my Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science from WTAMU in 1998.I was an Assistant Manager for a retail store for 10 yrs, spent 3 1/2 years in the oil industry. I have also been a Teacher/coach for 16 yrs and still currently teach. I have Teaching Certifications in: EC-12 Health, EC-12 Physical Education, Secondary Physical Education, 6-12 Business Education, 6-12 Drivers Education.I currently teach Financial Math, Entrepreneurship, Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance, proctor DC Economics and DC Speech along with teaching Drivers Education.I have have been with 4D Moments since 2020 and continue to help them expand and grow.


I have always been fascinated with the physiology of the human body and was passionate about pursuing a lifelong career in ultrasound. I graduated from the TJC medical sonography program in 2014, and since then, the enthusiasm I have for my profession continues to grow.I truly love being a sonographer and have compassion for the care of my patients and enjoy making a positive difference for each and every one of them!